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If you want to hear me talk about my adventures as a professional dater listen to me on Heauxventures podcast with the lovely host Chantel Etoile!

Tania the Tonsorial Artist

Tania is a first class tonsorial artist.

While in the presence of a woman who knows how to spoil a man be sure to take time to enjoy every moment. You will feel welcome and right at home with me. I invite you to explore the places your mind takes you to and create a space where fantasy meets reality. With my attention to detail and my ability to match your energy we will leave no stone unturned. 

With my 13 years behind the chair as a barber and 15+ years as a companion I have matched the two worlds and created a men's spa. Please join me for something that I believe is true decadence every man deserves.

Please include your screening information. I will need a photo of your ID or linkedin with 100+ contacts, as well as your phone number. I rarely do same day bookings. 

I look forward to our time...

XO, Tania

What you see:

long dark hair 

dark deep set eyes

full kissable lips 

36 DDD, 29, 39

soft but dangerous curves

5ft 2in tall 

heavily tattooed

olive skin always moisturized

long nails and pedicured feet

killer legs

What you get:

Running my fingers through your hair and caressing your neck and shoulders while you feel my soft breath on the lobe of your ear. You're here for me to take care of and I'm ready to style you with my womanly touch and finesse. Tell me all of your secrets while I comb your hair and gaze into your eyes through the mirror. I stand behind you with my chest pressed into your back and lean over you as if I'm going to kiss you....

I'm just fixing your hair, silly. Now close your mouth and sit still while I finish this haircut! These scissors are sharp and I'm just doing my job. or am I? 


My love of music and sharing a delicious meal are only the beginning. I enjoy going to comedy shows, watching a burlesque performance, or even cuddling up and watching your favorite movie. I love to dance whether it's out on the town or at my private studio on my pole. Star gazing and travelling the globe with someone to enjoy it with and just take it all in is what I daydream about. I made my first trip overseas a few years ago and had the most amazing time. I'm fascinated by people and places. A lover of stories and views. People's point of view, as well as beautiful views of sunsets and beaches, and crowded cities I've never been to. Meeting new friends and reminiscing with familiar lovers excites me. 



Heavily tattooed, busty, dark hair and dark eyes. Petite 5ft 2in tall.


Animal lover.


Travel companion. Passport ready.


Kink connoisseur.


Great listener. 


Love to laugh.


Small feet and hands always manicured.

Haircuts are an additional 50 when you book 2 hours or less. 
60 min/500 (on tour 600)
90 min/700 
120 min/900
preferred first date          

Longer bookings include a free haircut and require social time or a meal.

4 hour dinner/1600            
6 hour dessert/2200            
8 hour drinks/2800          
10 hours passion/3200          
12 hours  pleasure/3800
Overnights require 8 hours sleep/24 hours
stay the night/5000          
plan the weekend/7500 

60 min/350
90 min/500
120 min/700

West Coast/Minimum 4 hour
Midwest/Minimum 6 hour
East Coast/Minimum 8 hour
Southwest/Minimum 10 hour
South/Minimum 12 hour

Social time is 200 for the first hour and 150 each additional hour. The maximum time being 8 hours.
Add an additional 100 for outcall to the greater Seattle area unless 4 hours or longer.

Add 100 for couples per hour.

Screening is always required. I see all genders, races, sexual orientations, and abilities. Please be at least 25 years old to book with me. Deposits of 100 are always required and can be made via cashapp, venmo, Uber gift cards, or Amazon gift cards. 50% deposit required for tour dates and anything booked for 4 hours or more.


Any cancellations made 48 hours to 12 hours before scheduled time will result in forfeiting the deposit and require a new deposit of 50% to rebook. Cancellations made 12 hours or less before scheduled time will require session to be paid in full. 




When contacting me, please include your phone number and real name.  You can also include days/times you are interested in seeing me. I am happy to answer questions about availability and general location. Once you are screened and deposit is paid you will receive my location and I am happy to answer more detailed questions you may have. My homebase is Seattle. I do tour often. You can get to know me more by following me on twitter and instagram linked below. I post travel dates and have many photos and videos. I look forward to meeting you! I'm just an email away....

Thanks for submitting!



Text: 206-913-1359  

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Monday 7am-12am

Tuesday 7am-12am

Wednesday 5am-11am

Thursday 5am-11am

Friday 7am-12am

Saturday 9am-10pm

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