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What is an Erotic Barber?

Well, let me introduce you to something so unique and indulgent.

A skin-tight dress, stripper heels, an overly ample bosom, and big juicy red lips greet you at the door. Come on in, and hang up your coat. Feast your eyes on me and get a long look from my long brunette, silky hair to my perfectly manicured toes. I invite you in with an intimate hug and a kiss from some of the most inviting DSLs you have ever seen. Now take a seat in my pink barber chair and let's talk about your hair. I stand behind you as we flirt in the mirror, trying to stay focused on our small talk about how you like your hair quaffed. As a hair stylist for 15 years, I know just the look to suit you and promise to give you a cut that will guarantee to get you laid!

After your hair is cut and we have exchanged some laughs and provocative conversation, I show you to the bathroom. The shower is fully stocked with unscented soap, and everything you need to prepare for what's to come. Dry yourself off, swish your mouth clean, put on that spa robe and slippers, and get ready to dirty yourself up.

Follow me to a candle lit boudoir and lay yourself down on either my massage table or the big cozy bed covered in satin sheets. Choose your adventure,

and get ready to have that fantasy you have had about a hot and horny hairdresser come true!

I can't wait to show you a good time and spoil you while you are my guest of honor for the day! Let the world lay in wait while we escape reality and dive into the sea of pure pleasure.

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